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A Neutral’s View of Preliminary Arbitration Issues

I am not a transactional lawyer. As a long-time neutral, however, I have the opportunity to review arbitration clauses at the beginning of every case, occasionally interpret them and see the effects that those differing clauses have on the conduct of an arbitration.  


Speak Firmly and Carry a Native American Talking Stick: Calming Turbulent Waters Using an Ancient Tradition

As a former litigator and now full-time ADR professional, I serve as a court-appointed special master from time to time. I have recently presided over a complex business dispute involving multiple parties that has been dragging on for years. The


A Practical Path Towards Better Mediations

While every mediation has a different set of facts and legal arguments. they still share many similarities. This is one of my observations during the last 25 years as a mediator and litigator. And while each mediation has its own