David Lichter has been appointed as Special Master, Independent Investigator and Special Magistrate in state and federal court.  His appointments have included, among others, the following matters:

  • Lichter was appointed by a federal judge to revamp the intake operations of a high-volume Plaintiff’s firm and vet and approve every filing of the firm’s ADA complaints for one year.
  • Lichter was appointed as a Special Magistrate in a high-stakes international business litigation involving allegations of forged and allegedly spoliated documents in a $600 million dispute stretching over 20 years and three continents. His involvement included travel to London to interview foreign witnesses, oversee depositions and review a substantial number of documents; in the United States, he hired a handwriting expert, held numerous hearings, reviewed hundreds if not thousands of additional documents and produced a number of lengthy reports detailing his findings.
  • Lichter was appointed as a Independent Investigator in a highly contested derivative action between the founding publisher of an internationally recognized magazine based in South Florida and former board members of the publication. As part of his assignment, Mr. Lichter interviewed many witnesses in Florida and around the country.  He produced an extensive report which was adopted in toto by the Business Court judge and affirmed on appeal by the Third DCA.
  • Lichter has supervised a number of depositions in hotly contested litigations
  • From 2017 to 2020 Lichter served as a Special Master in a very contentious, high profile matter pending in Broward County Business Court in which he authored 22 Report and Recommendations covering a variety of topics including attorney-client and accountant-client privilege, the crime-fraud exception, trade secrets, discovery and the proper scope of subpoenas.