Lichter law Firm’s core values are simple:

  • Provide the highest quality, most effective legal services
  • Build lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues
  • Give back generously to our community

High Quality

Our attorneys established LLF after successful careers at larger, well-known law firms and the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Lasting Relationships

Although our awards and accolades evidence the legal achievements that we have earned over the years, we take greatest pride in the lasting relationships we have cultivated with our clients, colleagues and community. These relationships, which were built on a platform of trust, respect and hard work, are the true measures of our success.

Giving Back

For us, the term “corporate social responsibility” means more than merely donating money and sponsoring events: it is about rolling up our sleeves and giving generously of our time, our knowledge and our expertise. Mayra and David have been actively involved for years with legal, religious, service organizations and a non-profit medical foundation that truly make a meaningful difference for our community and internationally.